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The Legacy

Harry Black has a curse he doesn’t understand, or could it be a gift he can’t escape? He’s the last heir of a dying clan, but there’s a problem. To inherit, he must fulfill the only stipulation in the will—accept the Black family Legacy. After seven weeks of the same nightmare, Harry is desperate to see a psychologist to be “cured.” But instead of help at the hands of Dr. Virginia Rankin, Harry falls headlong into the legacy’s grip when he experiences an ecstatic utterance and inexplicably reveals information to her that he couldn’t possibly know.

Fallen Wizard

Summer baseball comes easy for twelve year old Peter Michaels. If only he didn’t have to get through those remedial math lessons, life would be just about perfect. But then an old man falls out of the sky onto his front lawn and things get a little more complicated. The first mistake Peter makes is to help the him inside his house. That mistake soon leads to a second, the one that puts an end to Peter’s dream of making the pony league all-star team. It seems that comforting a dying wizard puts your mark on an unbreakable pact. 

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Veiled Memory (Book One Stonehenge Chronicles Trilogy)

When Celtic historian, Dr. Madeline Alleyn, abandoned her husband, it was to protect him and her unborn triplet daughters. Now, nearly eighteen years later, her 17 year-old girls are smart, normal, but something has never been right with Madeline. There are compulsions she doesn’t understand and secrets she’s intent on keeping from her daughters, secrets her dead father never fully divulged, secrets her mysterious mother took to the grave giving her birth.

The Third Factor

The unthinkable has happened. The enemy has recovered the lost Stones of Sumer, and have managed to neutralize the Prophecy of Tarkus. And now the only person capable of deciphering the runes written on the ten stones has been captured. Madeline Alleyn will risk everything to keep the meaning of the rune stones away from her captor, but how can she when these people can open minds as easily as turning a page. She must keep their enigmatic message from her enemies. Her only hope lies in her daughters. Can they rescue their mother in time to prevent Prometheus Erazmos from gaining this knowledge. Stonehenge is the key, but what terrible secrets does this ancient monument hold?

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