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Summer baseball comes easy for twelve year old Peter Michaels. If only he didn’t have to get through those remedial math lessons, life would be just about perfect. But then an old man falls out of the sky onto his front lawn and things get a little more complicated. The first mistake Peter makes is to help the him inside his house. That mistake soon leads to a second, the one that puts an end to Peter’s dream of making the pony league all-star team. It seems that comforting a dying wizard puts your mark on an unbreakable pact. 


Contract signed and sealed, Peter becomes the new air wizard whether he likes it or not. Now, he must deal with the threat from the Air Court that got his predecessor bumped off. Suddenly, balancing school, baseball, friends and family take a backseat to problems of a decidedly cosmic nature. Peter must band together with his closest friends to solve the mystery of the old wizard’s death, because the fire witch has her sights on him next. And if he doesn’t get a grip and accept who he now is, life on planet earth could take a nasty turn. His only distraction is that his mom still demands an A in that remedial math course.

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