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S.P. Waxes Philosophical on Creating Original Mythology

Author S.P. Brown poses with family photos

Hello all! Welcome to my blog. As you all know, my book The Legacy was released October 2017 and I have two more novels being released in the coming months. I plan to focus this blog on writing and related subjects about my work as a novelist.

So, here we go…

My site is all about new mythologies. The first of these is my magnum opus, The Stonehenge Chronicles. Book One, Veiled Memory, is the story of Madeline Alleyn, a professor of Celtic history with a deep secret she desperately wants to keep hidden from her triplet daughters. Problem is, Madeline can’t keep herself hidden much less her secrets. When others discover some frightening things about her family, everything starts to spiral out of control. The simple idea of keeping secrets is a central theme in the series. As my characters start off down the dark road of discovery they set off a chain of events that spells disaster. I hope you will take a look at Veiled Memory, coming out in April 2018.

I have four distinct mythologies I am currently working on – a paranormal thriller (The Legacy), a children’s fantasy (Fallen Wizard), an adult contemporary sci-fi/fantasy (Veiled Memory, book 1 of The Stonehenge Chronicles trilogy), and an adventure story (The Captain of Tally Ho) with animal characters, I am currently in search of an agent for the last. You can read a short synopsis of each on this site. These four series begin my venture into creating new mythologies. I’m fascinated by myth and have been since I was a youngster. There are plenty of myths in our world and literally thousands of books – fiction and non-fiction – that explore them.

But, and this is a very big but, I’m interested in new myths, in creating something original, not just some twist on the same old same old. How many takes on vampires are there today? Same for werewolves and countless other creatures good and bad, not to mention gods and demi gods. Yawn.

Where is the truly original? This is what was so exciting about Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Something new. Something very creative. That’s what I’m striving for in my fiction and I hope you’ll take a look and agree with me.

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll explore what’s new in my new mythologies. I’ll also write about what attracted me in the work of other great fantasy writers of our day.

See you around the site and don’t be afraid to post a comment or an email.

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