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Sneak Peak of "The Captain of Tally Ho"

Enjoy this blurb from S.P.'s upcoming quirky children's novel, The Captain of Tally Ho.

"The Captain has a problem, Queen Pixie is missing, and she must be found before the land of Tally Ho breaks into war. The best chance he has is to team up with the most unlikely of allies, Milton, a strange Nine. Together, the Fe (cat) Captain and the odd Nine (dog) join forces to search for the ruler of Tally Ho. It seems that Twitchers (squirrels) have used their Nine allies to pit their enemies against each other. In the end The Captain has to rely on the sage advice from an ancient Wydeye (owl) to help him recover their queen before the whole land falls into chaos."

A quirky chapter book with a great friendship, THE CAPTAIN OF TALLY HO is sure to capture the imagination of children drawn to animal adventure/mythology stories.

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