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Joseph Carrabis Interviews S.P. Brown

We're grateful to Joseph Carrabis for his thorough interview with SP! In the interview, they discuss sci-fi fantasy novels, Harry Potter, Celtic mythology, his writing influences, making presentations at Oxford and more!

Here are some highlights:

"Hello all and welcome to our continuing series of author interviews. Today’s guest is Stanley P. Brown and if you want a fun, educational read, I suggest Dr. – that’s right, today’s guest is a university professor – Brown’s peer reviewed paper, Superhero Physiology. You’ll never look at Captain America the same way again.I’d like everyone to stand up and give Stan a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

Stan and I talked about being a superhero expert, being a professor (tenured at three institutions), writing paranormal fantasy novels for children, exploring elementals, Harry Potter’s influence on his writing and his daughters, the influences of Vince Flynn and Jim Butcher, using Mississippi as a background in his writing, writing a series based on Celtic mythology, the Do’s and Don’t’s of writing christian paranormals, Tolkien, Lewis, the contiuum of science fiction to fantasy, making presentations at Oxford, hanging out at The Eagle and Child, and more."

The interview also contains an excerpt from S.P.'s book Veiled Memory, and a video!

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