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Quantum What!

Today I have a guest blogger. The first one ever for my website, in fact. Her name is Luna Selas and she writes paranormal stories, same as yours truly. This post is in response to the one I wrote for her website at A similar post covering essentially the same topic is the one found on my site, dated November 6, 2018. So, to get the context of what we are discussing you might want to read that one and visit her site as well. Disclaimer: As you read, you should be aware that neither of us endorses everything the other is saying. One caveat to what she says in the following piece is the idea that quantum mechanics represents a new paradigm for the physical universe. I use that idea in my trilogy, The Stonehenge Chronicles, the first book of which is Veiled Memory. Pick it up to learn what all of the buzz is about. The second of the trilogy, The Ruby Ring, will be published in 2019. I’ll post an excerpt of it for your pleasure soon.


Just FYI, Luna Selas is my pen name. I chose it because moonlight is mysterious and beautiful. It illuminates gently but acts as a beacon in a darkened world. It is also a reference to moonlighting, which is what writing has been for me until recently. I am finally able to focus full-time on what really interests me. Writing has been a large part of every job I've ever held, but my greatest joy is writing the blog and urban fantasy.

I love Stan’s quip about having ESP(N) and ESP(N2). I did indeed laugh when I read that! I believe synchronicity is Spirit's way of telling us something more than meets the eye is going on in the material world. That is definitely true in my case right now. I find it fascinating that Stan contacted me at this particular time. Much of what he deems "low, low key" paranormal events are exactly what I've been reading about in my current research.

I am reading a book written by another scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer. Like most university trained professionals and academics, Dr. Mayer gave little credence to things paranormal—until she experienced a startling event of her own. In her book, she reviews decades of well-designed, stringently-vetted research data (including meta-data studies) proving the existence of "extraordinary knowing." She says that in any other field of research, the quality of the design and data evaluation would be considered "proof" that a particular effect exists. Because traditional science is so closed to even the possibility of the paranormal existing, the rigorous research that would be considered proof for any other theory is dismissed without review.

The book was written in 2007, but it provides some excellent insights into the gestalt effect the subject of the paranormal creates in classically trained scientists. Many of the researchers mentioned in her work are still researching the subject and making some amazing breakthroughs. She claims all branches of science, from physics to neurology have largely admitted the possibility of extraordinary knowing. Many believe it is a reality. I was astounded to learn that Psychology is the one branch of science that continues to refute and dismiss even the best, most compelling research. For the science of mind to be so adamantly obtuse about something that has largely been proven to exist is disconcerting.

Some of the studies, which were replicated in a variety of different labs, prove humans can unconsciously "see" into the future 3 to 5 seconds prior to an arousing event. People know something is coming, but not consciously. The body gets the message, though. This can be seen through increased galvanic skin response, increased sweating and other subtle physical changes we don't even notice.

Having a scientist who admits to ESP experiences contact me at the exact time I am reading a book about another scientist's paranormal experiences seems like synchronicity.

I’ve worked some of Stan’s examples of ESP and his mother's apparent healing ability into a post on my site ( with some of my own personal examples and a very brief review of where the paranormal stands in current research. I also share a few examples of the paranormal experienced by nurses, doctors, and surgeons mentioned in Dr. Mayer’s book.

Stan used Tolkien as an example in his post, and I agree with Tolkien that man is a sub-creator under one creative mind—God. I believe all of creation, even the "inanimate" material worlds, are imbued with divine light. As the Gospel of Thomas says, "Split a piece of wood, and I am there." Quantum physics states all things are one, all things are connected. There is no "other." If God is omniscient and omnipotent, there is nowhere God does not exist. Quantum research is moving us away from a Newtonian, mechanistic clockwork reality. We are creators. We are part of God. "In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God." What greater statement could exist that our universe is thought-based? What other proclamation could be needed that every word, indeed every thought, has power and repercussion?

I am what social media deems "SBNR." I am spiritual, but not religious. I feel certain truths are self-evident. I believe God exists. I believe God is love. I believe, contrary to what this world tries to sell us, that there is ONLY love, in the final analysis. It just takes some of us longer than others to discover that the underlying reality is so much more than the sum of its parts. These are my beliefs. I don't debate them, but I'm happy to share them when someone shares their own with me.


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