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Jeff DeMarco's Author Interview with S.P. Brown

Jeff DeMarco of DeMarco Writing and Editing recently published a wonderful interview with S.P himself! In this interview, you get a little insight into what makes S.P. tick as a writer, what his favorite genres are and how he started writing at all!

Here's an excerpt:

"J: And on the literary side, what do you most enjoy about being an author?

S: I really enjoy the creative process. It’s just me and the blank page. Being a fictionalist is totally different than publishing as a scientist. When publishing research or even textbooks (which I’ve done) it’s you, the blank page, AND the scientific literature you’re using, trying to understand and shed new light on. It’s a very arduous process, much harder than fiction. HOWEVER, fiction is much harder in other ways. It was very hard to break into publishing novels and I still haven’t achieved the big five.

J: You and me both! Regardless, you’ve seen success in traditional publishing. What’s your secret?

S: Let me just say that to write fiction well you have to learn the craft well and to do that you have to write a ton and read a ton. Then the editing begins and never ends. Being an Indie author, marketing is an unforeseen necessity I wish I didn’t have to do, but c’est la vie."

Read more here on Jeff's website if you'd like to see S.P.'s other interesting answers!

Jeff is a writer and editor who enjoys working with other authors, including the #WolfPackAuthors group. You can find out more about him on his website here.

And as usual, don't forget to search for S.P. Brown on Amazon!

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